[OpenAFS] Re: OpenAFS web site design help?

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
Thu, 31 Aug 2006 11:51:21 -0700

David Bear <David.Bear@asu.edu> writes:

> From what has been posted already on this subject, perhaps we can
> identify what is 'needed' in a cms. Then, we can find the cms that would
> work for the group.

> I would like to see a more easily used system for searching and
> documenting issues wrt openafs. The openafs.org web site is almost
> useless. The wiki is almost useless (to me, granted I haven't explored
> it much). The goal of the cms should be to allow more pariticipation in
> the documentation process. I don't think you will find many volunteers
> if they are forced in to using html editors and manually linking
> information.

So... forgive me here for being excessively blunt, but this thread feels
like bikeshed painting to me.  I appreciate that it's typical in free
software packages for "please help us with the web pages" to turn into
"please tell us what software packages someone else should use to maintain
your web pages," but what we really need are people who are willing to
jump in and try to make things work.

If someone is in there working on the pages and improving them and making
things better and says "you know, in order to do A and B and C I really
need this piece of software," that's one thing.  But as long as it's
"well, I think you should deploy this piece of software and then maybe
someone will volunteer," well, the operational sysadmin in me wants to say
"okay, prototype your system, put together the team of people who are
going to run it, show me your plan for how it's going to be maintained
down the road, and convince me that we're not going to end off worse off
than we are now when people lose interest."  At least with the system
right now, I know how to go about dropping new HTML pages into the doc
tree and it's just a matter of finding time to do it.

I can come up with lists of things I'd like to see in the web pages too.
Coming up with ideas isn't really the problem.

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