[OpenAFS] Re: Undelete support feedback request

Sidney Cammeresi sac@cheesecake.org
Thu, 7 Dec 2006 14:36:08 -0600

On Thu, 07 Dec 2006 at 15.04.38 -0500, Todd M. Lewis wrote:
> > ... and how do you pick which one you're undeleting?  I mean, I know
> > how to do this at the RPC layer - you just undelete by FID. But what
> > is the UI going to look like?
> Anybody remember VMS? When you replaced a file, it kept the old version
> around. If you didn't specify which version of a file you wanted,
> it would default to the current version, but you could just as easily
> specify the one, say, five versions back. I think you had some control
> over how many versions of a given file it would keep for you. "Deleting"
> a file just meant you didn't want to see version 0 anymore. I think
> DEC sold a lot of storage because of this...
> I don't remember what this looked like exactly, but I do remember the
> UI was so overwhelmingly upper-case that I didn't care for it at all.

$ dir

Directory DUA1:[SAC.TEST]

FOO.TXT;5           FOO.TXT;4           FOO.TXT;3           FOO.TXT;2

Total of 5 files.
$ purge/keep=3 foo.txt
$ set file/version_limit=3 foo.txt
$ dir

Directory DUA1:[SAC.TEST]

FOO.TXT;5           FOO.TXT;4           FOO.TXT;3

Total of 3 files.
$ edit foo.txt
$ dir

Directory DUA1:[SAC.TEST]

FOO.TXT;6           FOO.TXT;5           FOO.TXT;4

Total of 3 files.
$ del foo.txt;
$ dir

Directory DUA1:[SAC.TEST]

FOO.TXT;5           FOO.TXT;4

Total of 2 files.
$ del foo.txt;*
$ dir
%DIRECT-W-NOFILES, no files found