[OpenAFS] How to replicate files on different machines

Jeffrey Hutzelman jhutz@cmu.edu
Mon, 18 Dec 2006 18:58:23 -0500

On Friday, December 15, 2006 11:56:07 AM +0530 
shailesh_joshi@persistent.co.in wrote:

> I'm using OpenAFS 1.4.2 on Fedora 5.
> I want to replicate file(s) on 2 machines (both Fedora 5).
> How could this be achieved?
> Do I need to install OpenAFS server on both the machines, and if this is
> the requirement, how could the servers be synchronized?

Replication applies to whole volumes, not individual files, and requires an 
explicit "release" operation to cause changes to the read/write volume to 
be propagated to the read-only replicas.  AFS does not provide replication 
of read/write data.

> Write now I'm facing one other issue.
> I have installed server on 1st machine and client on 2nd machine (both
> Fedora 5). I have given the cell information for the server on 2nd
> machine in /usr/vice/etc/CellServDB, CellServDB.dist and ThisCell.
> However, when I start the client, the cell under /afs/ is not displayed
> as a directory.
># ls -l /afs/
> total 0
> ?--------- 0 root root 0 Jan  1  1970 ps2750.pspl.co.in

That is what the output from recent versions of 'ls' looks like when you 
don't have permission to access the file in question.  Most likely that is 
indeed a directory (actually, an AFS mount point), but since you have just 
set up a new cell, its contents are visible only to AFS administrators, and 
you don't have AFS admin tokens.  You will need to acquire tokens using 
tools like 'kinit' and 'aklog' before you can access that directory.

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