[OpenAFS] OpenAFS Help!

Pierre Ancelot pierre@bostoncybertech.com
Wed, 01 Feb 2006 11:12:21 -0500

If someone of openafs project read this....
I agree with amir about the openafs documentation, it sounds messy...
Any project to re-organise it someday ?

On Wed, 2006-02-01 at 16:24 +0200, Amir Saad wrote:
> Hallo,
> Currently I use NFS and I want to replace it with OpenAFS.  I have Fedora 4, Heimdal Kerberos and OpenLDAP, all works fine...
> I tried to read the openafs.org documentation but it is too complex and it is not organized at all.
> I need to start quickly, I downloaded all RPMs for Fedora 4 but i got many errors after install, for example although the client can mount /afs it reports "No such device" when i try to cd into any mounted subdirectory, why?
> can anyone guide me to the right way to install OpenAFS?
> please help me ...
> thanks a lot
> Amir Saad
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