[OpenAFS] Linux2.6, Sparc [64], and Gentoo

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
Tue, 28 Feb 2006 11:41:32 -0800

Michael Conrad <conradme@email.uc.edu> writes:

> Hi, I'm attempting to get OpenAFS compiled on Gentoo, kernel 2.6.15, on
> an UltraSparc.  My problem *seems* to be that Gentoo doesn't officially
> support sparc64 by default (and doesn't have 64-bit mode in the compiler
> they supply), and openafs doesn't support linux 2.6 with ordinary
> 'sparc'.

Is the kernel really a 32-bit kernel even for Linux 2.6?

If so, then yes, OpenAFS doesn't support that configuration.  Someone
would need to write a Linux 2.6 configuration for 32-bit SPARC.  It
probably wouldn't be that difficult; most of the work would be merging the
sparc_linux24 files with the sparc64_linux26 files in some appropriate

> Now, in gentoo they have two ebuilds: one named openafs, and one named
> openafs-kernel which appears to just "make only_libafs".  If I let the
> gentoo build system to its own configure, I end up with an error about a
> missing "param.sparc_linux26".  If I let your autoconf system run
> naturally, I end up with a successful configuration that is using
> sparc64_linux26.  When building "only_libafs" it actually compiles and
> gives me the kernel module.  However when doing a normal build, it dies
> with the compile error above.

I wonder if that kernel module actually works.  Of course, without the
userspace afsd, it's sort of hard to tell.

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