[OpenAFS] rxbind for server processes?

Jeffrey Hutzelman jhutz@cmu.edu
Wed, 04 Jan 2006 22:29:44 -0500

On Wednesday, January 04, 2006 06:50:12 PM -0800 Adam Megacz 
<megacz@cs.berkeley.edu> wrote:

> Is there an equivalent to afsd's "-rxbind" for the server processes?
> I'd like to have them bind to their UDP ports only on a specific
> interface (leaving the other interfaces available)... it seems that
> NetInfo/NetRestrict just filter what comes across the port,
> rather than controlling how it is bound.

They don't even do that.  They only control what addresses the server 
advertises in the VLDB.

> If not, does anybody know of a hack (Linux in my case) for keeping
> arbitrary processes from binding to certain interfaces?  It seems like
> this sort of utility would be useful in a lot of places; I just can't
> come up with a good search term.

I can think of ways to redirect traffic coming in on a designated port to 
different ports depending on the incoming interface.  But what you're 
trying to do is have multiple independent processes bind to (*,7000) and 
route the traffic based on the interface it comes in on.

I know of no way to do that, and that's the least of your problems if 
you're trying to run multiple fileservers on the same machine.

-- Jeff