[OpenAFS] No such device in ls

Sean Kelly smkelly@rooster.creighton.edu
Thu, 5 Jan 2006 11:58:11 -0600


This may have been covered in list archives somewhere, but I failed to
locate it.

I'm having an issue where dead/broken mountpoints in AFS cause ls to output
error messages. For example, I just did a `vos remove <volname>` of a
mounted volume and now when I try to remove the mountpoint:

[smkelly@test-host users]$ rm dirname
rm: cannot lstat `dirname': No such device
[smkelly@test-host users]$ rmdir dirname
rmdir: `dirname': No such device
[smkelly@test-host users]$ ls dirname
ls: cyberark: No such device
[smkelly@test-host users]$ ls -ld dirname
ls: cyberark: No such device

I realize it is likely bad form not to unmount a volume before deleting it,
but to be fair it let me... Any idea how I remove this now? Mount a new
volume there just to remove it?

I also see this sort of thing when doing a general `ls` and there are files
in the listing that I don't have permission to read or are broken. My guess
is that it is likely related to Linux trying to stat() the file to
determine if it is a file or directory and me not even having access to

[smkelly@test-host smkelly]$ ls /afs/openafs.org/service/partitions
ls: /afs/openafs.org/service/partitions/penn.a: No such device
grand-opening.a  grand-opening.b  grand-opening.c  grand-opening.d

That sort of erroring mixed in with ls output could be confusing to users.
Is there any way to fix that sort of thing?


Sean M. Kelly
Unix Systems Architect
Division of Information Technology
Creighton University