Re[2]: [OpenAFS] apache and home directories on with 1.4 client

Ron Croonenberg
Wed, 11 Jan 2006 15:26:17 EST

Hi Todd,

I already did the "quick test"  That didn't seem to work (I mean that didn't


>Perhaps it's related to home directory issues, but based on my
>experience, I think you're running into an issue with SELinux.  The
>default SELinux policies make /afs basically invisible to httpd. As a
>quick test, you can disable SELinux enforcement (see
>/etc/selinux/config), reboot, and see if stuff in AFS shows up through
>httpd. If so, then you can either
>   * leave it that way (not a good idea)
>   * learn just enough about selinux to make it work (another not good idea)
>   * learn a whole bunch about selinux so that you really understand
>what it's doing and why (not a particularly attractive agenda for a long
>night), then make it do the Right Thing on purpose.
>BTW, If you end up taking the third option, I'd like to know what you
>had to do to make httpd do the Right Thing in AFS. :-)
>Ron Croonenberg wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I installed the OpenAFS client 1.4 on an FC3 machine.
>> I created a symbolic link  /home to /afs/mycell/home  but if I try to point a
>> browser to someone's public_html directory  in /home/~userid it says it
>> find that url.  (On other machines running the OpenAFS client 1.2.13 it "just
>> seems to work)
>> I remember seeing a few msgs a few days ago about some homedirectory issues ?
>> is this related ?
>> thanks,
>> Ron
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