[OpenAFS] Windows Client, quota and filemanager - no warning!

Todd M. Lewis Todd_Lewis@unc.edu
Thu, 12 Jan 2006 07:48:10 -0500

Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> I have tested the functionality on Windows 2003 SP1 and everything
> behaves exactly as it should.   It doesn't matter whether I copy or
> move from the command line or whether I drag/drop 1000 files or
> whether I copy/paste files.  It all works just fine.
> So as far as I am concerned there is no bug [...]


> Now this thread began with Lars Schimmer indicating that he was
> experiencing problems with two third party applications:
> TotalCommander and Xplorer2. [...]

I misinterpreted the message title ("...and filemanager") and "Xplorer2" 
as the Windows Explorer. My bad.  I had not run the test myself, and 
based on your report above, there's no point.

Sorry for the waste of bandwidth, brainwaves, good will, etc.
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