[OpenAFS] home on afs woes

Douglas E. Engert deengert@anl.gov
Thu, 12 Jan 2006 14:05:08 -0600

Juha J=E4ykk=E4 wrote:

> Suggestions?
> I have one: there is such a thing as pam_afs2.so, which I found somewhe=
> which can run arbitrary programs as part of PAM login process (at auth
> stage, if I recall). It can do afslog (and it even comes with its own
> afs5log of which I know nothing) instead of aklog if I wish, but I don'=
> know if it does PAG at all.

The pam_afs2 is mine. It can get a PAG from any of the pam_sm_* entry poi=
It does not have its own afs5log.

It and its friends can be found at ftp://achilles.ctd.anl.gov/pub/DEE

    The pam module that will get a PAG using a syscall, then fork/exec
    some program to get a token. It passes the pam_env to the program and
    runs it as the user. The exec'ed program could be the OpenAFS aklog,
    or the Heimdal afslog for example. (We have something local called ak=
    that was around since DCE days that used K5 protocols as much as poss=
    We also have the gssklog, see below.

    The shared lib called by the pam_afs2 that has the syscall to get the=
    and the code to do the fork/exec (It compiles and links with out any =
    or Kerberos headers or  libs.) It does have some knowledge of what sy=
    to use on what system.) On machines with the MIT daemons like ftp, kl=
    kshd a local mod uses this as well.

    This is an alternative to aklog, that uses gssapi to authenticate to
    one of the gssklogd daemons running on the afs database servers. It t=
    returns a token protected by the gss_wrap. It use the same set of par=
    as aklog, so can be forked/exce'ed by the gafstoken called from the p=

The design goals of all of this was to keep AFS as far away from Kerberos
as possible, and never have to rely on a vendor's daemon to have to link
(even dynamically via pam) with either and especially with both.

The gssapi used in gssklog does not even have to be Kerberos! It was orig=
designed for use with the Globus GSI gssapi. (But that is another story.)

For example on Solaris 10, we are using the Solaris sshd, Solaris Kerbero=
and Solaris pam_krb5. The pam_afs2 gets called, with the KRB5CCNAME set,
and this gets passed during the fork/exec of the gssklog that is using th=
e Solaris
gssapi. I even got the OpenAFS aklog to link and run with the Solaris Ker=
and can use that instead of the gssklog. ( There is no MIT or Heimdal Ker=
on these machines, other then what the AFS kernel has built in.)

> Cheers,
> Juha


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