[OpenAFS] AFS and Windows 2003

Christopher D. Clausen cclausen@acm.org
Wed, 25 Jan 2006 09:02:52 -0600

callen6216@aol.com wrote:
> Hello Everyone!
> I a Windows 2003 IIS60 web server with the content stored on an AFS
> directory.  Whenever there is a problem withe AFS server, which is a
> sun server, I have to reboot my Windows 2003 server.  Has anyone
> experienced this and can tell me how I might be able to correct the
> problem.  I have spoken to the Administrator of the AFS server and
> they say there is no problem but it continues to happen more and
> more.
> I would appreciate any help that I might be able to get.

What version of the client are you running?  I strongly suggest that you 
try the 1.4.1-rc5 binaries which were just released today.

Can you ask the server admin to see if there are any entries (identified 
via IP address) in the AFS logs on the server?

Is this Windows 2003 server by change multi-homed (more than one 
physical NIC in the machine)?  Joined to Active Directory?  Are you 
using the AFS loopback adapter?

I don't run IIS, but I have had the occational fileserver meltdown cause 
issues on my Terminal Servers.  Usually running fs checks and fs checkv 
fix these problems and force fail-over to other fileservers.

Christopher D. Clausen