[OpenAFS] What does this log message mean

Bo Tretta botretta@jpl.nasa.gov
Thu, 26 Jan 2006 15:52:58 -0800

1.4.0We have recently upgraded our cell to 1.4.0 for Solaris 9. I have 
found messages in the FileLog that I do not understand the meaning of. I 
have read the archives and seen that the following messages can be 
safely ignored if connection is "stolen" by the same system.

Sat Jan 21 14:24:56 2006 FindClient: client 14605c8(e6f41d0) already had 
conn 12bbb28 (host 894ea06a), stolen by client 14605c8(e6f41d0)

Sun Jan 22 04:02:14 2006 FindClient: client 10f4e30(e6f4b88) already had 
conn 11704b8 (host 894ea06a), stolen by client 10f4ea0(e6f4b88)

Howvever, I am getting complaints from these same clients regarding slow 
afs access.

What is the meaning of these messages?

Bo Tretta