[OpenAFS] FC3 network install with OpenAFS rpms

Ron Croonenberg ronc@DePauw.edu
Sat, 28 Jan 2006 12:46:17 EST

Hello all,

I install/upgrade etc. a bunch of linux machines using pxe/tftp/nfs with kickstart. with the earlier
versions of OpenAFS it was easy.

I pxe booted the machines, used kickstart with the nfs way of installing things including the OpenAFS
rpm's for the client install.

However, the newer versions of the OpenAFS rpms check to see what kernel they are running on and if it
isn't the correct one they refuse to install. I could update the kernel in kickstart first of course but
then I have to reboot the machines because the OpenAFS rpm's look at what kernel is running.

Is there a way around it ?

install: 2.6.12-1.667_FC3
updated kernel: 2.6.12-1.1381_FC3
openafs kernel module: openafs-kernel-1.4.0-2.6.12_1.1378_FC3_1.i686

Could I get away with installing first:
then install an older kernelmodule
then: openafs-client-1.4.0-fc3.1.i386.

then update the kernel while doing a kickstart install

after that copy the openafs.ko compiled somewhere else.
run depmod

kickstart is done, reboot and keep my fingers crossed ?



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