[OpenAFS] prob saving within Adobe Illustrator CS2 on WinXP in AFS

Lars Schimmer l.schimmer@cgv.tugraz.at
Tue, 04 Jul 2006 11:13:25 +0200

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Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> Lars Schimmer wrote:
>> Lars Schimmer wrote:
>>>> Hi!
>>>> We=B4ve hit a problem here within saving files from Adobe Illustrato=
r CS2
>>>> on Win XP sp2 onto AFS with OpenAFS client 1.4.1.
>>>> It=B4s a "standard" OpenAFS install so byte range locking is enabled.
>>>> Saving a file results in getting "broken" files with funny names.
>>>> Broken is defined as only parts of the things to save is in the file.
>>>> Has anyone expected problems like this? Should byte range locking be
>>>> turned off?
>> Ok, after some more testing, it=B4s a difficult problem.
>> First I changed the session timeout from CIFS on windows and now I get=
>> correct file output.
>> But I still get a file with a strange name...
>> As I read it correct, Illustrator saves the data in a tmp file and tri=
>> to rename that after writing all data to the original filename.
>> And the rename seems to fail on OpenAFS 1.4.1
> Lars:
> The CIFS Byte Range Locking support in 1.4.1 is not backed by any AFS
> File Server locks.  If you want AFS File server lock support you need
> to deploy the 1.5.x branch.
> I am wondering if you have run into a problem with 1.4.1 that was
> fixed in 1.4.2-beta-1.  If not, I will need you to obtain log
> information using the SysInternal's FileMon and DbgView tools as
> described in the OAFW release notes.
> The most recent Windows releases (stable, test, development) are
> available via
> 	http://www.openafs.org/windows.html

I installed the 1.5.2 OpenAFS for windows and tried again, no real succes=
Adobe Illustrator saves the file as a correct PDF but it fails in
prohibiting the name.

And i tried to use FileMon, but FileMon won=B4t let me watch the network
drive Z which I mount to our AFS cell.

> Jeffrey Altman

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