[OpenAFS] Unknown Gnome/AFS problem

Franco Milicchio milicchio@dia.uniroma3.it
Wed, 19 Jul 2006 18:10:11 +0200

On Jul 19, 2006, at 06:04pm, Dj Merrill wrote:

> Franco Milicchio wrote:
>> Is anyone aware of any workaround? Users keep filling up  
>> immediately their quotas...
> 	You may consider throwing something in /etc/profile (or similar)  
> that checks for items in ~/.Trash, and deletes them upon login.

Well, a trash should be there, and should be used. Deleting trashed  
items by default is not a normal behavior for any operating system  
used by normal users. OSX, Windows and Linux do not erase the trash,  
so why should I do that?

Anyway, it is weird, anyone there with an idea about why?

Franco Milicchio <milicchio@dia.uniroma3.it>

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