[OpenAFS] cp: cannot create regular file....File too larg

本間 健一郎 homma@spitfire.jp
Sat, 22 Jul 2006 12:30:18 +0900


The composition here
DELL PowerEdge1850 or 2850
OS Debian sarge kernel 2.4.32
OpenAFS1.4.1 client and server

----afs server------
/dev/sda6            124017968   7073644 116944324   6% /vicepa

/dev/sda6 on /vicepa type reiserfs (rw)

It stops as much as 30,000 when trying to store 50,000 files in afs.
・瘢雹・瘢雹・瘢雹 which stops as much as 30,000 even if it creates a folder newly

Then and the message
cp: cannot create regular file
`/afs/.vnetcell2/data1/cl/dc_song_file/UT1_602911_002.3gp': File too large

There should are not limitation in the volume but the limitation is to
be to the number of the files which can be stored in one directory?
It doesn't multiply the upper limit by the volume.

$ /usr/afs/bin/fs listquota /afs/.vnetcell2/data1/cl/dc_song_file
Volume Name                   Quota      Used %Used   Partition
data1.cl.dc_song_file      no limit   3470073    0%          6%

Some limit is working?
Is there not an avoidance method?