[OpenAFS] AFS backups and TSM

Joseph H Vilas jhv@oit.duke.edu
Fri, 12 May 2006 12:45:57 -0400


We're currently using some (mostly) homebrew scripts to back up our
cell and write backup data to three DLT drives.  Our cell has about 50000
RW volumes and currently uses about 3/4 Tb of disk space.  I keep
(roughly speaking) daily backups for about a month, and monthly backups
for at least a year.  Unfortunately, a full takes me a few days to
complete, which is, um, not optimal.  

For several years, the local folks who run a university-wide backup
system have wanted us to start using TSM (it's been long enough that
they were originally calling it ADSM).  However, they've not actually
been able to do it until a couple years ago, and we haven't been able
until recently.  

Now I hear (from this list) that IBM is dropping AFS support from TSM.
It looks like people on the list are running away from TSM.  However,
management wrote an IBM rep who claimed that IBM would comtinue
supporting AFS backups via TSM for several years.  My inclination is
to disbelieve thee IBM person.  Is that reasonable?

Additionally, it looks as though IBM will not be supporting Linux
platforms as backup platforms (for running butc/buta), although one
can of course run the backup elsewhere for a Linux-based fileserver.  

Are any of you actually actively making plans to stop using TSM,
or have any of you already seitched?  If so, what have you switched

I've read (I believe here) that Veritas NetBackup is also not
supporting AFS (although it currently works), and is expensive to

My basic problem is management wants me to move to TSM, but it sounds
like TSM isn't going to go the job for long.  I've thought about
trying to get a license for MR-AFS and trying to do something with TSM
(which we have), but I really wouldn't know where to start.  I'm
actually fine with doing what I've been doing, but that doesn't win
management any points, and they're being really stingy with money for
new machines and repair.

Any suggerstions?  



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