[OpenAFS] MAC OSX 10.4 AFS Token & Mount problem

shri Raj rshri@hotmail.com
Thu, 18 May 2006 10:10:49 -0700

Dear AFS Gurus,

Problem: MAC OSX 10.4, AFS client installed but want to have auto token 
assignment & change the location when we access afs.

I am new to Unix platform so please bare with me.

I was able to install AFS client on my MAC no problem. But have to go on 
terminal window and type klog in order to get ticket for our cell. Also, 
when click on AFS from my desktop it takes me to the root of our cell not 
directly to my home directory.

Things we have done: I change the cell name and as told you before able to 
access afs just donít like to browse around to get at my home dir & use klog 
to get ticket. I have seen some university provide programs for their 
students to do the same. Also my UID on MAC is same as my Unix AFS Cell UID.

I donít know what to change and where. My Universityís IT helpdesk people 
told me that they donít support MAC OS so have no luck with them.

Sri Raj