[OpenAFS] Help.....please...AFS Token GUI error afsconfig.h not found

shri Raj rshri@hotmail.com
Thu, 25 May 2006 08:32:49 -0700

Dear List members,

I am getting error when try to build cornell code afsconfig.h no such a file 
or dir.

Thanks to David for the inputs for auto afs token gui.

I search apple website and found software called Xcode and run Xcode.app 
which allowed me to have GUI interface and read the stuff they said I have 
to use build button but it gave me 2 errors and 7 warning the first one was 
canít find afsconfig.h. While I just download the file and extract it on one 
folder so what happened with afsconfig.h where can I get that. Btw, as 
business & art major learning lots of new cool stuff. Itís some time fun but 
looks like its out of my brain nowÖ can please someone help meÖ.either point 
me out the afsconif.h or detail instruction on how to recompile code (if you 
think I am going on wrong way in recompile this code) or last just point me 
to the dmg package which already been recompiledÖ.

Sri raj

Also tried Cornell program but donít know how to recompile. 
I hear there is some program by standard but donít know how to get hold on