[OpenAFS] Access Home Dir on AFS

shri Raj rshri@hotmail.com
Tue, 23 May 2006 06:18:41 -0700

Dear all,

First of all let me thank you guys for inputs on my two questions first was 
afs tokens gui available for MacOS thanks to David (btw, does anyone has dmg 
file? friend help me to recompile code but my other art majors wanna have 
dmg file)and second one was accessing my home space which I still need 
answer for. I am not trying to use AFS as my home directory as I donít have 
internet connection all time.

When click on AFS from my desktop it takes me to the root of our cell not 
directly to my home directory.

create a softlink (ln -s) idea of bil but is there any other solution.

By the way I am not an IT guy, I am art and business major so please write 
down details so can solve my every growing problem.

Sri raj