[OpenAFS] file corruption redux

Derrick J Brashear shadow@dementia.org
Wed, 31 May 2006 13:25:45 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 31 May 2006, Miles Davis wrote:

>>> OK, here we go: cmp -l aspell-bg-0.50-9.i386.rpm
>>> /tmp/aspell-bg-0.50-9.i386.rpm
>>> 1683429 377 177
>>> (same from at least two clients)
>>> tcpdump (4.4MB) file is at http://cs.stanford.edu/people/miles/tcpdump.out
>>> Server is, client is
>> That's a single bit error. That screams bad hardware. I will look at the
>> tcpdump, though.
> Bugger. Well, while I have your attention, do you have an educated guess as to
> what I should yank & replace next? I already replaced the memory, and it's
> single-bit ECC...I haven't managed to get any failures from memtest86, but then
> again I don't recall ever getting memtest86 to find an error.

Mrph mpfl. Um. Anyone else have thoughts on this?