[OpenAFS] File ownership/permissions semantics

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
Thu, 02 Nov 2006 14:15:59 -0500

Quoting Bill Stivers <stiversb@ucsc.edu>:

>> Or, instead of a push hand-in system, you could have a pull hand-in  
>> system.  Have a script copy the data directly out of each students  
>> ~id/classnum/assignnum directory at the time it is due.  The  
>> student would be responsible for ACLing it appropriately (allow  
>> handin script, but not other students,) or the script could run on  
>> some trusted machine with full privs to grab the files.
> I'm particularly liking this as a potential option.  It's a  
> fundamental rearchitecting of a decade-old process, but sometimes  
> life is better for things to be shaken up some.  I may have to  
> implement this.

In fact you could implement this without changing the way the scripts
look to the end user.  Instead of creating the directory in the class
volume, when the student runs the script it creates the "proper"
directory in their own filespace and sets the proper previledges for
the TAs.  This script could also touch a file in the class volume
so the TAs have the list of users.  A simple "rli" will let you do this.

When the TAs run their version of the script it would need to have a
list of all the students (which it can get from the touch'ed files
above) and then goes off and pulls all the files to a central site.

> Thanks for the suggestions, sir!

You're welcome.

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