[OpenAFS] AFS and PhotoShop interaction?

Mike Polek mike@pictage.com
Mon, 06 Nov 2006 19:45:56 -0800

Christopher D. Clausen wrote:
> Mike Polek <mike@pictage.com> wrote:
>> information and would like to know if anyone else has had a similar
>> experience. This is on Windows XP using 1.4.2a-DEBUG client.
>> The fileserver is running Fedora Core 5 and OpenAFS 1.4.2 (new
>> machine). Similar behavior using 1.4.0 and 1.4.1 windows clients and
>> 1.4.1 fileserver.
> I'd suggest trying the 1.5.10 client.

I have a couple people with 1.5.10 clients installed, and they
experience the same behavior. I am now borrowing a WinXP box
and it's sitting on my desk. I experience the same behavior.

>>   When opening images in Photoshop from AFS, they load rather slowly,
>> compared to opening a file on the local drive. This isn't unexpected.
>> However, if I open the file from AFS into another image viewer, it
>> shows up pretty much instantly. (This behavior is independent of
>> which I do first, and is repeatable, so I don't think it depends on
>> whether the file is in the cache.)
> How big are the files?  Are they larger than the AFS cache on the client?

Files are about 2-4 MB. Cache is 98MB (256MB on some computers).

>>   Now the weird part.... If I copy some image files from AFS to
>> the desktop, and then drag them into Photoshop, they still load
>> slowly AND the CPU usage on the afsd daemon goes up to 50%.
>> Just seemed kind of weird that the afsd daemon gets triggered
>> after the files have been placed on the desktop.
> The high CPU usage is likely from encryption.  fs setcrypt off and 
> re-run the tests.

fs setcrypt off seems to have no effect.

What does have an effect is whether or not AFS is running...
even if the files are on the local hard drive.

I'm still doing some testing to figure out what exactly
triggers the behavior. If I restart the AFS service, and
don't get tokens, things are quiet. If I get tokens, I think
it's still ok. When I start accessing files in AFS,
things slow down. And then even if I access files on the
local drive, it stays slow. I think it may be related to when
I open one of those wonderful directories with >2000 subdirectories.

I ran out of time today, but will continue to investigate to
see if I can nail down exactly what's triggering the behavior.
> What kind of hardware are you using on the client?  I've had bad 
> experiences trying to do any file operation with PII hardware.

These are machines with >2GHz processors and 2GB of RAM.
I don't think it's a resource issue there.

Mike P.