[OpenAFS] LiveCD for openafs disaster recovery scenarios ?

Mike Polek mike@pictage.com
Tue, 07 Nov 2006 10:41:22 -0800

I have a suggestion... if you have another machine with the same O/S,
export the /usr partition via NFS readonly. Change your fstab on the
damaged host to mount /usr from the NFS server host. It should work, similar
to the way diskless booting works. Once the machine is up and running,
you could just move the volumes off.

Make sure the other machine has the same version of openafs installed,
or at least make sure your files are consistent between what's on /usr
and what's in your / partition.

Boot off a rescue CD to update your fstab file.

Good luck!

Madhusudan Singh wrote:
> Hello
> 	At least one (and possibly two) hard disks on the machine (has RAID 5 - 
> rebuild did not help too much) that runs our openafs cell failed today. This 
> is a Debian machine. Partition /usr is down and attempts to mount it fail 
> with bad superblock messages. As a result, all network and many other system 
> commands (awk, etc.) are inaccessible.
> Now, is there a live CD that can be used to run the machine so that the users 
> can at least copy over their data ? I think a reinstall is indicated.
> The two partitions housing /vicepa and /vicepb are not affected. Is there a 
> way to retrieve data directly from the hard disks ?
> Thanks.
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