[OpenAFS] Compiling afs module on sparc64

Bastian dea1306@melvex.xs4all.nl
Tue, 07 Nov 2006 22:39:32 +0100

Gunnar Krull schreef:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to compile the openafs module without success on a dual sparc64 Sun server running Debian Etch.
> With version 1.4.2 and 1.5.10 a make shows me this error message:
> echo 'char* AFSVersion = "openafs 1.5.8"; ' >>/tmp/openafs/openafs-1.5.10/openafs-1.5.10/src/libafs/MODLOAD-2.6.18-1-sparc64-smp-MP/AFS_component_version_number.c
>   CC [M]  /tmp/openafs/openafs-1.5.10/openafs-1.5.10/src/libafs/MODLOAD-2.6.18-1-sparc64-smp-MP/AFS_component_version_number.o
>   LD [M]  /tmp/openafs/openafs-1.5.10/openafs-1.5.10/src/libafs/MODLOAD-2.6.18-1-sparc64-smp-MP/libafs.o
>   LD [M]  /tmp/openafs/openafs-1.5.10/openafs-1.5.10/src/libafs/MODLOAD-2.6.18-1-sparc64-smp-MP/afspag.o
>   Building modules, stage 2.
> FATAL: modpost: GPL-incompatible module libafs.ko uses GPL-only symbol 'sys_call_table'
> The same result with smp kernel 2.6.17 and 2.6.18.
> Is there a way to compile the afs module on this system?
> Thanks for any suggestions!
> Gunnar
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I don't know if this is of much help, but I recently compiled the 
openafs module 1.4.2 on Etch (2.6.17) i386 without any problem. However: 
on loading the module dmesg complaints about the license ('taints 
kernel'). It seems the license of openafs does not look GPL enough to 
linux. The module loads though.

It looks to me your problem is some kind of 'refusal' to build openafs, 
rather than a technical issue.
Could there be some policy in effect on your system?