[OpenAFS] AFS and PhotoShop interaction?

Christopher D. Clausen cclausen@acm.org
Tue, 7 Nov 2006 16:02:37 -0600

Mike Polek <mike@pictage.com> wrote:
> Christopher D. Clausen wrote:
>> Mike Polek <mike@pictage.com> wrote:
>>> information and would like to know if anyone else has had a similar
>>> experience. This is on Windows XP using 1.4.2a-DEBUG client.
>>> The fileserver is running Fedora Core 5 and OpenAFS 1.4.2 (new
>>> machine). Similar behavior using 1.4.0 and 1.4.1 windows clients and
>>> 1.4.1 fileserver.
>> I'd suggest trying the 1.5.10 client.
> I have a couple people with 1.5.10 clients installed, and they
> experience the same behavior. I am now borrowing a WinXP box
> and it's sitting on my desk. I experience the same behavior.

Hmm... could it be network trouble?  Are you sure the duplex setting is 
correct on all intermediate equipment?  Do you have some switches that 
are doing stupids things (we had some that were doing cut-through 
switching instead of store-and-forward and that was causing problems)?

Also, run netstat -s before you start a session and compare it to 
afterwards and see if you are seeing an abnormally high number of 
retransmits or other problems.

>> How big are the files?  Are they larger than the AFS cache on the
>> client?
> Files are about 2-4 MB. Cache is 98MB (256MB on some computers).

Hmm...  That shouldn't be a problem.

Can you try increasing the chunksize to see if it helps?  I think the 
default is 256K.  If you are working with larger files a larger 
chunksize may help you out.

> fs setcrypt off seems to have no effect.
> What does have an effect is whether or not AFS is running...
> even if the files are on the local hard drive.

Really?  That should most definately NOT be a problem...  Photoshop 
isn't trying to use some file in AFS as swap of temp space is it?  You 
can use filemon (from sysinternals) to monitor file I/O and see if any 
network I/O occurs when running photoshop with local files.

Oh... hmm...  Can you try disabling the AFS context menus?  I use:
to disable the various AFS bits for testing certain things.  Now this 
shouldn't cause problems, but if you say local accesses are affected, 
this is one of the few things I can think of that might be the cause.

Christopher D. Clausen