[OpenAFS] Resizing an ext2-partition on linux

Kai Moritz kai.m.moritz@gmx.de
Sun, 19 Nov 2006 17:48:05 +0100

Marcus Watts schrieb:
> There's an easier "openafs" thing you could do:
> make a new partition
> mkfs the new partition
> mount it as /vicepb (or whatever the next free letter is)
> stop the openafs-fileserver
> start the openafs-fileserver
> Unless you need to create afs volumes or files on the fileserver
> that are somewhere near the total size of the volume, there's no real
> advantage to having a single really big filesystem.  Having multiple smaller
> partitions should make life easier for the salvager, fsck, etc.
Yes, that's true and I am aware of it. But at the moment I am in the 
need to create one big volume, because I have to copy a big bunch of old 
  user-directories to the new fileserver, in order to turn off the old 
nfs-server. Most of the directories will not be used in future, so it 
would be much of work to splice them up in smaller volumes. I'm planing 
to turn the old nfs-server into an additional afs-fileserver and then 
move the used directories to smaller volumes...

Greetings Kai Moritz