[OpenAFS] replication question

Walter Lamagna wlamagna@tenroses.com.ar
Wed, 22 Nov 2006 17:03:13 -0300

Hello, i am setting up afs replication and have a question.

The Server A has the root.afs and root.cell RW volumes, also some RW and
RO volumes. And Server B has some RW and RO volumes.  It happens that
when i shutdown server A, i can not access RW volumes in Server B,
though thouse RW volumes i want to access are located in Server B.

When i turn off server B, in server A i can still access the RW volumes
that are located in server A.  Does this happen because root.afs and
root.cell RW volumes are in server A ? Should i use some special
argument when starting BosServer ?  How do i resolve it ?

Thanks very much.