[OpenAFS] Questions regarding a vos move

Madhusudan Singh singh.madhusudan@gmail.com
Wed, 4 Oct 2006 23:46:56 -0400


To balance the load across partitions on our group AFS cell, I am thinking of 
moving some user volumes from /vicepa to /vicepb. I have a user.xyz.backup 
volume inside each user.xyz mounted at OldFiles. Will it be properly moved if 
I were to just move user.xyz ?

Second, the syntax  for vos move :

vos move -id <volume name or ID>  -fromserver <machine name on source> 
         -frompartition <partition name on source> 
         -toserver <machine name on destination>  
         -topartition <partition name on destination> 
         [-cell <cell name>]  [-noauth]  [-localauth]  [-verbose]  [-help] 

a) Does one have to specify -fromserver if the move is from one partition to 
another on the same server ?
b) Does one specify the actual partition name (/dev/sda11) or the 
corresponding mountpoint (/vicepb) ?