[OpenAFS] Commercial AFS backups

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Aside from the abusive language..

1. Tektronix had a 17 year maintenance period after a product went out of
life. In the case of the 7000 oscilliscope which was in production for 17
years, Tek was contractually obligated to provide spare parts and
provisioning to little customers like IBM and the US Government for 34
2. I also developed the Tek Document Retention Policy, the retention and
destruction policy for all Tek documents. Some documents are better
4. While at Tektronix I built the "Software/Firmware Archive" which archived
any and all product related software in binary as well as source format.
5. Tek still has the original SVR5 sources and unrestricted license
agreement with ATT. This information is of legal value. Since Linux is used
in many Tek products, it protects Tek from claims from SCO, etc. The archive
timeframe is permanent, whatever that is.
6. My AFS server archives all the code I have ever written, including
Fortran I from 1962. It still comes in handy. Especially when defending
software patent claims like the "One Click" Amazon patent. I have prior art
from 1972.

These are just a few uses of AFS, I wish I had it in 1984...

If industry did a better job of archiving and placing old software in the
public domain, there would be very few software patents issued..


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> not needing licenses for restore means nothing about having the software
> be able to run on a current machine.

> ie: can you restore on a box 5-10 years from now when you can't find the
> software and can't get it to run on any modern os/hardware? no.

What kind of dipstick would wait 5-10 years after their backup
solution end-of-lifed to worry about this?

We've probably been through a half dozen different backup tape
formats alone in 10 years.  When you have a discontinuity like this,
(hardware/software/whatever), if you have a half a brain, you'll
move forward everything worth keeping asap.

PS, FWIW, we use TiBS
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