[OpenAFS] Precompiled v1.4.2 content differences for Solaris 10 (sparc)

Douglas E. Engert deengert@anl.gov
Tue, 24 Oct 2006 10:45:37 -0500

William Setzer wrote:

> I've just finished comparing the precompiled OpenAFS v1.4.2 for
> Solaris 10 sparc to the precompiled OpenAFS v1.4.1.  It appears that
> v1.4.2 hasn't got a precompiled "aklog", "asetkey", or any of the
> "libadmin" libraries or includes.  Is this on purpose?
> I'm wondering becuase I'm trying to standardize our environment on
> the precompiled versions, and "aklog" is essential to us. 

The question is: Precompiled with what version of Kerberos?
MIT, Heimdal or Solaris native.

Sun had not released the needed header files  to compile programs
needing the Kerberos API, claiming that it is not needed and
the GSSAPI should be used instead. I beileve they haveor are going
to release them.

In the mean time you could compile 1.4.2 yourself using you
choice of Kerberos.

On Solaris 10 we have been able to get along with using the Kerberos
header files from Open Solaris to compile aklog, (as well as some other
applications use the Kerberos API) This required two mods to the aklog
as Solaris does not have com_err or krb524.

I have posted these changes to the list before, if you are interested,
drop me a note.

> If it
> was a mistake that it got included in v1.4.1, I'd like to know so
> I can figure out the right way to get it into our environment.  If
> it was an oversight that it's missing from v1.4.2, I'll be happy
> to file a bug report. :)

If aklog is in your 1.4.1, can you do a "ldd aklog" to see what libs
it is using? If is is using /usr/lib/gss/mech_kr5.so.1 its using
the built in Solaris 10.

> Thanks in advance for any information.
> William
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