[OpenAFS] Re: openafs on debian with linux 2.6.18 kernel

Dj Merrill deej@econ.duke.edu
Wed, 25 Oct 2006 14:12:36 -0400

Jeffrey Hutzelman wrote:

>> it is not in /lib/cpp, but
>> in /usr/bin/cpp. This is the standard location on all Linuxes I've ever
>> seen (Debian, RH, SuSe, Scientific, ...).
> If there's no /lib/cpp, then you have a problem.  Fix the problem,
> instead of trying to argue with me about filesystem policy or, worse,
> history.  If your unix experience is limited to four relatively recent
> Linux distributions, you don't have enough of a sample to say what the
> "standard location" is of anything as old as the C preprocessor.

	FWIW, on my Centos systems /lib/cpp is a link pointing to /usr/bin/cpp,
so you might both be "right"...


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