[OpenAFS] Server segfaults in 1.4.2 on linux 2.4.31

Ian Delahorne ian@assv.net
Fri, 27 Oct 2006 19:43:25 +0200

The server processes in 1.4.2 are segfaulting on me when trying to run
them on my 2.4.31 Gentoo box. This is what a backtrace from bos looks

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
savecontext (ep=3D0, savearea=3D0x80c8304, sp=3D0x40187004 "=FC=FD=FE=FF"=
at ./process.c:188
188                     (*EP) ();
(gdb) bt
#0  savecontext (ep=3D0, savearea=3D0x80c8304, sp=3D0x40187004 "=FC=FD=FE=
    at ./process.c:188
#1  0x080627ef in LWP_CreateProcess (ep=3D0, stacksize=3D196608,
    parm=3D0x0, name=3D0x0, pid=3D0x0) at ./lwp.c:405
#2  0x08063578 in IOMGR_Initialize () at ./iomgr.c:823
#3  0x080613d4 in rxi_InitializeThreadSupport () at rx_lwp.c:117
#4  0x08055535 in rx_InitHost (host=3D0, port=3D0) at rx.c:409
#5  0x08055789 in rx_Init (port=3D0) at rx.c:546
#6  0x0804d519 in main (argc=3D0, argv=3D0x0) at bos.c:1942

Any ideas on how to fix this? Is this related to me running an old
kernel, or what library should I look at that could be causing thse
problems? The client seems to work fine.