[OpenAFS] Usernames in pts

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
Wed, 01 Aug 2007 03:20:45 -0700

Mikkel Kruse Johnsen <mikkel@linet.dk> writes:

> All of this is checked. If I do the same with a user not containing a
> dot "root@CBS.DK" then it works. So it is because there is a dot in my
> name.

You're being bitten by the code that tries to convert Kerberos v5
principal names to the Kerberos v4 convention used by AFS.

     * If the first part of the name_string contains a dot, punt since
     * then we can't see the diffrence between the kerberos 5
     * principals foo.root and foo/root later in the fileserver.
    if (strchr(decr_part.cname.name_string.val[0], '.') != NULL)
        goto bad_ticket;

(rxkad/ticket5.c).  I'm afraid you might be out of luck, at least with the
current version of AFS, unless you patch this code and remove this check
in your file servers.

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