[OpenAFS] Loopback Adapter standalone installer?

patrick daniels patrick.daniels@duke.edu
Wed, 01 Aug 2007 06:54:44 -0400

I was wondering if, within the downloads for OpenAFS, there is standalone 
bundle for installing/adding the loopback adapter with all it's correct 
settings.  I know there were the components for doing this, but without the 
specific loopback adapter settings needed.  Required going back in and 
tweaking them.

Reason I'm asking is, in preparing systems for imaging, loopback adapter 
has to be uninstalled prior to running sysprep, or system's tcp-ip stack 
gets screwed up.  What I'd like to do is insert the "standalone" installer 
for loopback adapter as part of a run-once, when system comes up for first 
time after imaging.  I know I can do this by running the OpenAFS installer 
again.  Just looking for something a bit smaller to leave on the image for 
a run-once.

Thanks for any suggestions.