[OpenAFS] Backup Server for down time

Lars Wilke lw@lwilke.de
Fri, 17 Aug 2007 16:45:42 +0200

* Ali wrote:
>    Can open-afs act as a backup server for me on another
>    computer so that if my main afs server goes down
>     the backup one does exactly what it was doing ?
>    If yes, Will it synchronize automatically data when it starts up?

AFS Replication is read only, a little bit like with mysql. But you have to
take manual snapshots (unlike mysql) and you have to manually convert these
to RW Volumes. Without that the snapshots are read only.
You would either have to do it by hand or setup heartbeat or something like that.
Hm, not sure if it would be possible to use shared storage for the fileservers
and have two fileservers attached to the storage in an active-passive setup.

The Kerberos stuff is another thing, at least MIT and Heimdal allow a master-
slave setup, where changes to the master are replicated to the slave.

The FAQ is in some points a little bit outdated.
But the mailinglist archive will hold more detailed answers i guess :)