[OpenAFS] Setting up new cell on RHEL4 - some help needed

Dr A V Le Blanc Dr A V Le Blanc <LeBlanc@mcc.ac.uk>
Fri, 24 Aug 2007 09:01:54 +0100

I wrote:
> I'm still using a nice tool called ucsdb, which I presume came from
> the University of California at San Diego.  It collects cell definitions
> from a number of places, combines them, mounts root.afs read-write,
> adds or deletes cell mount points, unmounts, and then releases the
> volume.  Since you need about the same amount of effort to do the
> CellServDB file, it's quite painless to maintain root.afs as well.

On Thu 23 Aug 2007 at 18:12:54 -0400, Jason Edgecombe <jason@rampaginggeek.com> wrote:
> Don't you still have to  maintain the CellServDB file and the root.afs 
> volume?

No.  I type 'CellServDB_update', and the program collects information
from the grand.central.org CellServDB and my local sources, puts
together a new CellServDB, adds or removes the required mount
points in root.afs, and releases the volume.  Then I type
'AfsRootCheck', and the program warns me if there are any discrepancies
between my new CellServDB and the root.afs volume.  Normally these
occur only when there's a format error either in my local files
or in the grand.central.org one.  Of course, these are scripts we
wrote to use the ucsdb command.  The man page:

       ucsdb - update CellServDB of an AFS client machine

       ucsdb [-nmul] <local CellServDB> <master CellServDB> <extension

       The  program  takes  the  central  CellServDB  (maintained   by
       Transarc) and possibly an own file of local extensions and cre-
       ates a combined list of their entries. If an entry is  both  in
       the local extensions file and in the master file, an error mes-
       sage is written to stderr.  If these entries contain  conflict-
       ing  information  the local extensions file takes precedence. A
       conflict is reported in an error message to stderr.

       The program reads the local CellServDB (if it exists) and  com-
       pares it to the previously created list. In the case of changed
       or new entries a new CellServDB  is  written  and  the  changed
       information  is  communicated to the cache manager via "fs new-
       cell" calls.

       -n   no action is performed
       -m   missing cells are mounted into the AFS tree
       -u   mountpoints of vanished cells are  removed  from  the  AFS
       -l   use -localauth for volume operations

     -- Owen