[OpenAFS] Syntax error in afs_md5.h on FreeBSD

Jason C. Wells jcw@highperformance.net
Wed, 29 Aug 2007 07:19:06 -0700

Jim Rees wrote:
> I would change the "static inline" to "inline."  "static inline" doesn't
> make any sense to me in an include file, but I'm not familiar with that
> code.
> I would also be working with 1.4.x instead of 1.5.x.  And you know the
> client doesn't work, right?

I do know that.  The last time I tried porting I got the client to read
a list of directories before crashing.  Maybe it's a little better now.
 One can hope.

I am trying to make a FreeBSD port for the FreeBSD ports and packages
system.  The hope is that even a marginally useful port will inspire
someone who actually knows what they are doing to dig in.  I did it
once. The adoption was underwhelming but I'm stubborn that way.

Thanks for the tip.