[OpenAFS-Doc] Re: [OpenAFS] Quick Start Guide updated for Kerberos v5

Brian Gallew geek+afs@qatar.cmu.edu
Sun, 02 Dec 2007 08:47:15 +0300

Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> Except that when you use memcache you lose the benefits of the cache
> between restarts.   There are many organizations that use cache sizes
> large enough so that the entire 90+% of the data needed for the
> operating system and applications comes from the cache.
> After a restart all that is then required is for a series of FetchStatus
> calls to be performed.
OTOH, by using memcache you'll never have cache corruption last across 
reboots.  Of course, cache corruption may be a thing of the past, and so 
no longer interesting.