[OpenAFS] Rebuild vldb?

Jerry Normandin Jerry.Normandin@dafca.com
Sat, 8 Dec 2007 11:30:48 -0800

OK.  just about all of my directories are accessable. But.. vos examine
just hangs, listvldb hangs
anything that needs access to the vldb

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Jerry Normandin wrote:
> Hi
> My directories in /afs/dafca.com/home
> Are giving me a connection timed out for accessing most of them.
> this happened access to vldb through vos was slowing down.  Will a
> fix this or any ideas?
"connection timed out" looks like one of your fileservers could be down.

If the volume wouldn't be in the vldb you would get "no such device".=20
Only then a sync between filserver and vldb can help.

If you do "vos listvldb <volume name>" does it give the correct answer?

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