[OpenAFS] Re: Problem with AFS Client on Windows Vista x64

Christian Svensson blue@cmd.nu
Sat, 8 Dec 2007 23:13:04 +0100

Hello again.

I continued my hunt for the problem and one of the things that seemed
to change stuff is:
1. I removed all cells but cmd.nu
2. Then it wouldn't start up again - just saying "can't find root cell
in afsdcell.ini" in the event log.*
3. I changed FreelanceClient from 0 to 1 since the XP client had it
that way - then it starts.
4. Now when I try with getting tokens I get this error:

"Error: -1 (specified realm is unknown)"

KfW did not change its behaviour.

* By the way, MMC crashes if I try to read any AFS errors. I have to
export them to XML

On 12/8/07, Christian Svensson <blue@cmd.nu> wrote:
> Hello!
> I've spent the day reading about and installing OpenAFS - it's quite
> neat. I have a problem though: when I try to obtain my token using the
> "Obtain new tokens.." button and filling in the fields I'm presented
> with a error saying:
> "The AFS client was unable to obtain tokens as bluecommand in cell cmd.nu.
> Error: 20 (unknown authentication error 20)"
> I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit, AFS Client 1.5.27 and KfW
> 3.2.2. KfW 3.2.2 works with PuTTY and others and it has the AFS plugin
> loaded and everything. AFS was installed after KfW / PuTTY.
> When I try to renew / obtain my credentials in KfW I'm greeted with the error:
> "Could not locate configuration information for cell cmd.nu.
> The error code returned was -1."
> Both errors appear seemingly instant which makes me suspect it's a
> local configuration error and not a server response triggering the
> message.
> Greetings!
> P.S. I have verified that the AFS server works by using the AFS client
> under Windows XP x32
>  D.S
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> Christian Svensson
> Command Systems

Christian Svensson
Command Systems