[OpenAFS] Re: [OpenAFS-announce] OpenAFS 1.5.28 released. Production Version for Windows. Please test Demand Attach File Server.

Dave Botsch botsch@cnf.cornell.edu
Mon, 10 Dec 2007 15:40:23 -0500

Is this RPC in all 1.4.x versions of the server code?

On Mon, Dec 10, 2007 at 03:10:58PM -0500, Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> 1.5.28 is the recommended production ready release of OpenAFS for
> Microsoft Windows users.  It supports all Microsoft Windows operating
> systems from Windows 2000 through Windows Vista including both 32-bit
> and 64-bit architectures.  The 1.5.28 release continues the recent
> efforts at optimizing the performance of the Windows client and
> improving its scalability.
> For UNIX, Linux, and MacOS X the recommend production ready release of
> OpenAFS is 1.4.5.  The 1.5.28 Windows client is fully compatible with
> all AFS server versions.
> Please visit http://www.openafs.org/windows.html for up to date
> information on the status of the OpenAFS for Windows client.
> For Microsoft Windows:
> This release fixes reported bugs:
>  * In 1.5.21 the Windows client began notifying the file server
>    during suspend and shutdown operations by calling the
>    GiveUpAllCallBacks RPC.  It was discovered that all file server
>    releases prior to 1.4.6 (not yet released) and 1.5.28 do not
>    safely implement the RPC and can crash as a result.  Therefore,
>    in 1.5.28 calling the GiveUpAllCallBacks has been disabled by
>    default.  This call will be re-enabled in a future release in
>    approximately six months.  Organizations should prepare to upgrade
>    their file servers to 1.4.6 when it is released.
>  * Optimizations in the handling of .readonly volume callback
>    expirations were added. (a) The most recent callback expiration
>    is applied to all objects from the same .readonly volume.
>    (b) An optional automatic renewal can be activated by setting
>    the 'daemonCheckVolCBInterval' to a non-zero number of seconds.
>  * Previous versions of the Windows client only supported
>    32-bit data version values.  As of 1.5.28 64-bit data versions
>    are supported.
>  * aklog and asetkey no longer generate an exception if Kerberos
>    for Windows is not installed.
>  * If the Microsoft LSA authentication function calls report a
>    temporary out of memory condition, fail the current authentication
>    attempt and do not panic.
>  * When the AFS client service is shutting down, prevent the
>    daemon check thread from executing which may access discarded
>    lock objects or unmapped memory.
>  * NEW FEATURE: New service parameter registry value "FollowBackupPath"
>    This provides equivalent functionality to the UNIX afsd -backuptree
>    option.  When set to a non-zero value, normal mount points
>    originating in a .backup volume will prefer a .backup volume.
>  * MSI installer now installs afslogon.dll and afscpcc.exe within
>    ...\OpenAFS\Client\Program\.  This avoids confusion when installing
>    on 64-bit Windows.
> MIT Kerberos for Windows 3.2.2
>  The recommended version of Kerberos for Windows to use with
>  OpenAFS is version 3.2.2.  KFW can be downloaded from MIT or
>  Secure Endpoints.  64-bit Windows installers for KFW are only
>  available from Secure Endpoints.
>     http://www.secure-endpoints.com/index.html#kfw
> Known issues in the Windows client:
>   . Beta versions of the Network Identity Manager AFS plug-in must
>     be uninstalled prior to the installation of OpenAFS 1.5.26
>   . Windows Vista does not support the WinHelp file format used
>     by afscreds.exe and afs_control.exe.  A download is available
>     from Microsoft.
>   . On Windows Vista, afscreds.exe is not User Account Control (UAC)
>     compatible and must be "Run as Administrator" in order to
>     start/stop the AFS client service.
> Significant changes since 1.5.27 for all platforms:
>  * An issue which could cause erroneous data to be written to the
>    CacheItems file on disk on multi-CPU systems has been corrected.
>  * Several fileserver bugs fixed.
> AIX:
>  * aklog no longer triggers a terminal hangup on AIX 5 (aklog NAS module
>    is similarly updated).
>  * Kernel AFSDB support corrected.
> Linux:
>  * NFS translator authenticated write bug fixed.
>  * Hash inodes to avoid mmap hangs.
>  * Updates for newer kernels.
> The Demand Attach File Server is a compile time option that produces a
> file server that supports several new and important features:
>   * an enhanced volume management library that supports:
>     . lock-less I/O
>     . on-demand attachment of volumes
>     . parallel shutdown of the file server
>     . on-line salvaging of volumes
>     . automatic detachment of inactive volumes
>  * a new salvageserver daemon which can salvage volumes on-demand
>  * a modified bos and bosserver
>     . fileserver state saving and restoration
>       - host state
>       - callback state
> With the DAFS, shutdown and startup of the file server is significantly
> faster.  Instead of salvaging a partition at a time, individual volumes
> are salvaged in the background while volumes that do not need salvaging
> are served by the fileserver to clients.  Volumes are attached on-demand
> and detached when no longer required.  This reduces the number of
> volumes that may require salvaging upon a restart.
> The DAFS requires significant testing before it can be put into a
> production release.  If your organization is willing to assist the
> gatekeepers with testing this functionality, please contact us at
> gatekeepers@openafs.org.
> Please send reports of successful deployments to
> openafs-info@openafs.org and report problems to openafs-bugs@openafs.org.
> Jeffrey Altman
> for the OpenAFS Gatekeepers

David William Botsch
CNF Computing