[OpenAFS] AFS + Citrix = ?

Frank Burkhardt fbo2@gmx.net
Tue, 11 Dec 2007 09:52:33 +0100


we've got an AFS cell here which contains our user's unix homedirectories.
Users are able to successfully login using MIT 5 kerberos on linux
workstations. User-to-homedir-mapping is provided via an openldap server.

Some of our users have local windows machines which they are able to login
at using a windows profile served by a samba PDC which uses our openldap
server. When they're logged in, their unix- (afs-) homedirectory volume is
assigned a drive letter and they are able to access it correctly (using a

Unfortunately we've some applications that are using node locked licenses.
They are served via 5 "Citrix Presentation server" windows servers. Until
now, we've not been able to configure such a server to accept logins the way
a local windows computer does. Citrix somehow hooks into the login process and
users don't have authenticated AFS access in their sessions after login.

Oh - one more thing: We don't have Active directory here.

Does anyone has experience with Citrix + AFS or has an idea, what to try?