[OpenAFS] Inconsistent Cell Info on server problem

Chris Breneman crispy@cluenet.org
Thu, 20 Dec 2007 17:02:10 -0600


I'm setting up my first AFS network, but I'm having a problem which is
preventing me from adding additional servers.  I got the first server
working fine, but when I tried to add an additional server, the first
server stopped working.

The first server's hostname is matrix.cluenet.org.  It is behind NAT.
Its internal IP is and its external IP is  The
second server is radian.cluenet.org, and has a public IP of
They're not on the same LAN.

On radian, when I start the bos server, it starts ok, and the other
servers also start fine.  However, when I start bosserver on matrix,
none of the other servers start.  The only significant log entries on
matrix after this are in PtLog:
Thu Dec 20 17:56:15 2007 Using as my primary address
Thu Dec 20 17:56:15 2007 Inconsistent Cell Info on server: Thu Dec 20
17:56:15 2007 Thu Dec 20 17:56:15 2007 
ptserver: problems with host name Ubik init failed

The server CellServDB on matrix is:
>cluenet.org	#Cell name    #matrix.cluenet.org    #radian.cluenet.org

The server CellServDB on radian is:
>cluenet.org	#Cell name    #matrix.cluenet.org    #radian.cluenet.org

/etc/hosts on matrix is:	localhost	matrix.cluenet.org matrix

/etc/hosts on radian is:               ldap.cluenet.org ldap localhost		radian.cluenet.org radian

Radian has proper DNS and rDNS records.  Matrix has a proper forward DNS
record, but rDNS on its external IP does not point to

Thanks for any help,