[OpenAFS] perl script alternative to graphical msi transform creation

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
Thu, 1 Feb 2007 10:15:20 -0900

There also needs to be an AFS specific KRB5 script.

Note: SuSE has  additional startup scripts in /etc/init.d/ and
/etc/sysconfig that are helpful for bore barebones distros.


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Paul Vixie said he was willing to set one up on kerberos.org
as long as everyone behaved.


ted creedon wrote:
> This needs to be on a Wiki along with other scripts
> tedc
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> When the OpenAFS msi installer became available I had
> originally used the available Microsoft GUI tool to
> modify it, create a transform, etc.  This got old
> after a while because of the large number of releases,
> so I wrote a PERL script to do the work for me.
> If you have similar frustrations and no better tools
> than I do, you can find a copy of the script along with
> the tree it is intended to create/edit at:
> The 1.5.14 directory is intended to live on a Samba
> share.  Users double-click the install.bat file in the
> directory to perform an OpenAFS client install/upgrade.
> All they have to do is select the defaults.  We currently
> use this for Windows 2000 and XP users along with a
> couple servers that are 2003 or something like that.  It
> is for a kaserver setup at present and I haven't looked
> yet at what might need to change for a MIT KFW setup.
> The PERL script runs on a LINUX box and works by
> using the open-source msi2xml tool on a Windows XP box
> running Cygwin to unpack the official OpenAFS msi.  Then
> it edits the resulting XML using the XML::LibXML to customize
> it according to my taste.  Then it uses msi2xml again
> to pack it all back up into a new msi.  This has worked
> flawlessly for me for that past couple years or so, with
> some minor changes needed from time to time.
> The PERL script that does all the work is called
> make-modified-installer.  You will need to review it and
> make changes for your needs before using it.  The customizations
> I make from release to release are all at the top of the script
> but some of the other parts will need changing for your
> environment.  You will likely need to have some knowledge
> of the database tables in msi files -- it is all documented
> on the Microsoft website.

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