[OpenAFS] perl script alternative to graphical msi transform creation

Christopher D. Clausen cclausen@acm.org
Thu, 1 Feb 2007 13:28:44 -0600

ted creedon <tcreedon@easystreet.com> wrote:
> There also needs to be an AFS specific KRB5 script.
> Note: SuSE has  additional startup scripts in /etc/init.d/ and
> /etc/sysconfig that are helpful for bore barebones distros.

I don't know who started top posting, but please stop.

Also, what exactly is AFS specific in KRB5 ?

I followed the normal package instructions to setup a krb5 KDC and then 
followed the openafs instructions.  Or do you mean AFS with krb5 
specific instructions?