[OpenAFS] afs_NewVCache errors

Jasper Moeller mail@jasper-moeller.de
Fri, 02 Feb 2007 13:01:47 +0100


we recently migrated our AFS setup to version 1.4.2. Since then, we have 
  spurious problems on our linux clients (the windows clients are 
running fine). Specifically, after some time, users only see strange 
permissions (usually just a row of question marks instead of the normal 
output in ls -l), can't access files or directories they should normally 
do etc. Sometimes, it heals itself, usually, users have to log in and 
log out. Syslog has entries like:

Feb  2 12:56:46 brummer kernel: afs_NewVCache: warning none freed, using 
3000 of 3000
Feb  2 12:56:46 brummer kernel: afs_NewVCache - none freed

that appear exactly when the problems begin, which looks like we are 
running into some cache manager problem. The user has valid tickets and 
tokens for our current realm and AFS cell, and can also always acquire them.

We are using linux kernel 2.6.19 from Fedora Core 6, together with 
OpenAFS 1.4.2 on the clients. The OpenAFS server that houses the 
affected volumes is running an older 1.2.11 release, our replication 
server already has been migrated to 1.4.2.

So, is this an interoperability problem, or some problem with the linux 
clients software versions, or jsut plain misconfiguration on the client 


Jasper Moeller
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