[OpenAFS] Problem with Solaris OpenAFS NFS translator

Brian Sebby sebby@anl.gov
Fri, 2 Feb 2007 19:06:02 -0600

We have been running the Transarc client on one machine in order to provide
NFS translator functionality, but lately it's been causing kernel panics.
I have decided to look into using the OpenAFS translator instead, but I'm
having problems with it.  This is an all Solaris environment.  The machines
I'm testing the translators on are both Solaris 9.  (The Transarc client is
still running on our production translator.)

I have installed the OpenAFS 1.4.2 kernel module from the modload/libafs64.o
and have the following /usr/vice/etc/config/afsd.options:

-nosettime -fakestat -stat 2000 -dcache 800 -daemons 3 -volumes 70 -afsdb -rmtsy

I then put the following in /etc/dfs/dfstab:

/usr/sbin/share -F nfs -o rw -d "afs" /afs

Once I do this, I can mount /afs on another machine, and see /afs.  But
when I try to go to anl.gov, I get the following:

philo.ctd.anl.gov# mount anubis:/afs /mnt
philo.ctd.anl.gov# cd /mnt/anl.gov
/mnt/anl.gov: Stale NFS file handle
philo.ctd.anl.gov# cd /mnt/anl.gov
/mnt/anl.gov: No such device

I can try upgrading to 1.4.3 or the latest 1.5 release, but I wondered if
there was something fundamental that I was missing.  For comparison, our
current translator uses the following afsd options:

-stat 2000 -dcache 800 -daemons 3 -volumes 70 -rmtsys

I tried taking out the -fakestat and -afsdb options, but that didn't have
any effect.  Any help would be appreciated.


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