[OpenAFS] Unable to restore incemental dumps from backup file

Jasper Moeller mail@jasper-moeller.de
Wed, 14 Feb 2007 12:04:19 +0100


we want to switch from backup to tape to file based backup. We append 
our incremental dumps to the full backup file. However, we are not able 
to restore a volume for which an incremental dump exists, butc only 

Restoring volume home.moeller.restored
Can't read FileBegin on tape
      butm: unexpected tape datablock
Can't restore volume home.moeller.restored
      butm: unexpected tape datablock
Restore: Skipping remainder of volume home.moeller.backup (536871263)
Restore: Finished

Strangely enough, we can restore a volume from the same file for which 
no incremental dump has been appended, so it must have to do something 
with the incremental stuff or the append-to-file.

butc is still an old 1.2.11 one, running on a remote machine - we'd 
rather prefer to leave it that way for the moment than to upgrade the 
backup server.


Jasper Moeller
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