[OpenAFS] openafs performance in an internet-scale traffic environment

Matt Benjamin matt@linuxbox.com
Wed, 21 Feb 2007 13:34:08 -0500

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OpenAFS definitely has been used in (some variant of) this way, with at
least some success.  You might find some reference to such on the
openafs-info list from a few years go.  I have not seen formal
discussion of the results.


Richard Human wrote:
> Hi all,


> So we're looking at open-afs. We are thinking of a situation where we
> have a cell of 2+ servers on the back-end with our data spread over a
> number of volumes, that we can move around. This takes care of the
> scalability issue. For redundancy we would investigate the volume
> replication feature.
> I've read the success stories on the website. However, most of these
> cases talk about scenarios where there are 100s of clients accessing an
> afs cell that is holding users' home directories. In our scenario we
> will have 5 to 10 (max) clients, but performing 5k - 10K operations
> across the whole cell per second.
> My question is simple: has/can open-afs be used in a situation like
> this? If it has/can then I will go on with building a test platform and
> testing it in our environment. But before doing that I'd like to know if
> I'm on the right track.
> Many thanks
> Richard Human
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